Press releases

ANOSAN® in the fight against the corona virus in Namibia

Frankfurt, 3rd of February 2020 - Since the outbreak of the novel corona virus in Wuhan, China, countries around the world have been making preventive preparations for the spread of the pathogen. In Namibia, due to the good experience in the fight against the hepatitis E epidemic, blueplanet Investments AG's product ANOSAN® is used at airports to reduce the risk of the pathogen spreading in the entry areas.

Award in Business Punk

Berlin, December 6, 2019 - Since 2017, the magazine "Business Punk" has been awarding the 100 most interesting entrepreneurs from various industries every year. In this year's issue, Alexander Lattmann, CEO and founder of blueplanet Investments AG, was voted one of the ten most exciting personalities in the category "Finance & Insurance".

Start of operational activities ecabiotec Sub-Saharan Africa

Frankfurt, 04 November 2019 - Following the lighthouse project in Namibia to combat Hepatitis E, the portfolio company of the blueplanet Investment Group, ecabiotec AG, is expanding its activities in the region. In cooperation with local entrepreneurs, the legal companies of the subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Africa were established. The following steps will be to move into the production facilities of the companies in Namibia and South Africa at the beginning of November 2019 and equip the companies with products.

As a complementary and supporting marketing measure, the website of the African subsidiaries, which can be found under the domain, will go live as of today. It offers an overview of the application areas in industries and applications of the product ANOSAN®, the product range of the companies and for the time being the contact persons in Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique.