Build back Twaloloka

Frankfurt, 27th of July 2020 - On the evening of 26th July 2020, a massive fire broke out in Twaloloka informal settlement, a relatively new informal settlement in Walvis Bay. The incident resulted from an explosion from a gas stove in a single shack and spread to neighboring shacks, eventually destroying 150-200 shacks according to media reports issued by the Ministry of Safety and Security. Sadly, a one-year-old child in the fire. More than 400 residents were left homeless by the fire.

In light of this tragic event, blueplanet Investments AG helps the planet green foundation and provides support to the residents of Twaloloka. We call on all our partners to help us, help them. Together we can! If you want to contribute yourself, you can do it here:

Project "Build back Twaloloka" at planet green foundation

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