ANOSAN® in the fight against the corona virus in Namibia

Sustainable disinfectant ANOSAN® used at airports in Namibia

Frankfurt, 3rd of February 2020 - Since the outbreak of the novel corona virus in Wuhan, China, countries around the world have been making preventive preparations for the spread of the pathogen. In Namibia, due to the good experience in the fight against the hepatitis E epidemic, blueplanet Investments AG's product ANOSAN® is used at airports to reduce the risk of the pathogen spreading in the entry areas. The authorities are convinced that it is equally efficient compared to alcohol (ethanol) and can be used without the disadvantages associated with alcohol. Independent laboratory tests have shown that ANOSAN® is highly effective against related corona viruses, such as the SARS and MERS viruses.

Alexander Lattmann, CEO of blueplanet Investments AG, commented: "Due to the rapid growth in demand for ANOSAN® and SOLVID® in the region, we are adapting the company structure by establishing new production facilities faster than expected. This will enable us to react to the increased demand for our products at any time".

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